Egregious acts of the EPA

Created: 5/17/16 (Tue) | Topic: Education

Does the E in EPA stand for "egregious?" Judging by the most recent "rules" EPA has considered adopting, it would appear so. NDFB President Daryl Lies shares the latest developments on the EPA front.

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Once in a while there’s a little bit of a win when it comes to the EPA. Just reported out of Wyoming was the Johnson family that was basically being persecuted by the EPA with fines in excess of $37,000 a day for them creating a stock pond; creating a source of water, a source of water management, a source of wildlife and fish management.

The EPA came in saying they had jurisdiction over that, which federal law clearly stated that stock ponds are not a “water of the United States.” Rather, they are jurisdiction of the state. Well, they (the Johnsons) just won their case. They got the fines dropped. They get to keep their stock pond and they don’t have to apply for any EPA permits.

So we do get the small wins. But in light of that, it is a never-ending watchful eye that we have to keep on the EPA, because right now they have a rule proposal – which one can only assume is in place to be enacted if the WOTUS would lose in the federal court, as many of us hope it does.

Now they have the “protecting aquatic life from effects of hydrologic alteration,” rule, which to me sounds like a rule about any time you’re going to make water move possibly quicker, or even if you’re going to slow it down or if you’re going to change, slightly, the direction. 

So we have to ask ourselves, is a driveway in front of your house going to need an EPA permit? Is the overhang on your roof going to have to be explained in an EPA permit? Are you going to need an EPA permit just simply to build a house? Because that will change the flow of water on that property. While the EPA has us focused on one egregious and infringing regulation, they work on many other egregious and infringing regulations. This is what we’re dealing with now.

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