NDFB President's editorial on Measure 3

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Last week, North Dakota Farm Bureau President Doyle Johannes submitted an editorial to all the daily newspapers in North Dakota about Measure 3. Since the editorial was submitted, the Forum also endorsed Measure 3. In addition, KFGO's News and Views held a debate between NDFB and N.D. Farmers Union on the measure. (To view that video, click here.) And tonight, Valley News Live's Point of View/Hot Box with Chris Berg will feature a debate between Johannes and NDFU President Wood Barth.

Johannes' submitted editorial:

Measure 3 is about choices; food choices we have, but some would like to take away. We have big farmers, small farmers, organic farmers, conventional farmers. They all bring something to the table for consumers.

It works because farmers and ranchers have the ability to choose the best farming methods for the type of consumers they want to reach. That’s good for consumers because it means farmers and ranchers are responding to what we want.

But modern farming practices are under attack. We’ve seen what can happen when anti-agriculture groups go into states, push their agenda, and fundamentally change agriculture by eliminating modern practices. All that does is take away the ability for farmers and ranchers to provide based on what their customers want.

We don’t want to see it happen here. That’s why I support Measure 3.

Anyone who tells you that Measure 3 will give farmers and ranchers license to pollute, or be negligent doesn’t understand how seriously farmers and ranchers take their jobs. I’m a farmer, and I have gone to great lengths to make sure the practices I use are the best for the land and for the animals I raise. My family and I eat the same food you do. I don’t take my job lightly.

The list of Measure 3 supporters is long. North Dakota Farm Bureau, North Dakota Stockmen’s Association, North Dakota Grain Growers, National Federation of Independent Business, North Dakota Chapter Independent Beef Association of North Dakota, North Dakota Pork Producers, North Dakota Soybean Growers Association, and the North Dakota Ag Coalition, representing more than 35 organizations. Ag Commissioner Goehring has publicly supported the passage of Measure 3.

The Bismarck Tribune and the Williston Herald have endorsed Measure 3.

Help farmers and ranchers keep providing us with the food choices we have come to expect. Vote YES on Measure 3.

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