New issue of Ag Mag goes color, features corn

Created: 10/28/10 (Thu) | Topic: Education

North Dakota Ag Mag, the widely used teaching tool that provides information about agriculture to thousands of North Dakota students, has a new look.

“Corn is the subject of the first full-color issue of Ag Mag,” said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. “Corn is an increasingly important crop in our state, and this new magazine will help young people better understand the history of corn, how it is produced and the many uses we have for corn.”

Goehring said he hopes more third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers will take advantage of the free subscriptions to Ag Mag.

“Ag Mag reinforces what teachers are already doing in the classroom,” he said. “It helps teachers integrate information about North Dakota agriculture across curriculum in science, math, language arts, social studies, and other classes.”

The new, 8-page issue is filled with information, games and fun facts about the history, production, processing and use of corn.” The regular “Career Corner” article features race car driver Jason Strand of Portland, who runs his car on corn-based ethanol.

The magazine was edited by Becky Koch, director of agriculture communications at NDSU, and illustrated by Dave Haasser, NDSU agriculture communication graphic designer. It is sponsored by Agassiz Seed & Supply, Ameriflax, Farm Credit Services,  North Dakota Corn Growers Association, North Dakota Farm Bureau, North Dakota State University Extension Service, Northern Canola Growers Association, Northern Pulse Growers Association, The Bismarck Tribune, and Farm & Ranch Guide.

Ag Mag is distributed three times during the school year; each issue focuses on an agricultural commodity or topic. A teacher’s guide with background information and more ideas for learning comes with each issue of the magazine.

“Subscriptions are free to teachers who have signed up to receive the magazine,” Goehring said.  “Since we are updating our current mailing list, teachers already getting Ag Mag should re-subscribe to continue getting the magazine and teacher’s guide.” 

Interested teachers should email and insert “Ag Mag” in the subject line.  Teachers should include the following information in the email message: instructor’s name, school name, grade level, number of students in class, contact phone number, school mailing address and instructor’s email address.

More information about Ag Mag is available at

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