Three new Action Alerts posted

Created: 2/10/11 (Thu) | Topic: Issues

We've posted three new alerts today on our Action Alert System. Please consider contacting your state senators and representatives on these three issues:

Support SB 2295 – Protect landowners from liability: NDFB policy says, “We believe that property owners should not be legally responsible for any natural or man-made obstacle or situation that may cause personal injury or property damage to persons using their property.”

Oppose SB 2257 – If underage drinking is taking place, landowner must notify law enforcement or be charged with infraction: North Dakota Farm Bureau is opposing SB 2257. Under this bill, if a property owner is aware of underage drinking taking place on the property, the landowner must notify law enforcement or face an infraction, which could result in up to a $500 fine.

Support HB 1194 – Local officials would have to lower mill levies: The issue of escalating property taxes has been a priority issue for North Dakota Farm Bureau for a long time. Property taxes are too high for all classes of property, including residential, commercial and agricultural.HB 1194 requires elected local officials to lower the mill rate to generate the same dollars as the previous taxable year.

Use the NDFB Action Alert system to contact your legislators on these issues.

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