Val and Pal

"Why do they do that?"

If you aren't a farmer or rancher, you may have asked yourself that question once or twice.

That's why North Dakota Farm Bureau produced a series of 30-second spots called, "Why do they do that with Val and Pal."

Wonder what those big white tanks are behind the tractor and seeder? Wonder how farmers decide what to plant? Learn those answers and more with Val and Pal!

We have all the spots posted here. They are in a downloadable mp3 format.

Why bother to farm?

Why do farmers think factory farms are okay?

Why do farmers raise cattle in feedlots?

Why do farmers raise pigs indoors?

Why do farmers put cattle in smaller pens during the winter?

Why do farmers feed corn to cattle instead of people?

Why do farmers turn cattle into harvested fields?

Why do farmers use antibiotics on animals?

Why do farmers burn fields in the fall?

Why do farmers run combines at night?

Why are those planes flying so low over fields?

Why do farmers castrate calves?

Why do farmers put mother pigs in small pens with their young?

Why do farmers use Artificial Insemination on the cattle?

Why do farmers spread manure on fields?

What are those big white tanks they pull behind the tractor?

How do farmers decide what to plant?

Learn more about animal agriculture and its effect on our environment by checking out the Animal Agriculture Alliance website's Environment page.

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