What's on a farmer's mind?

What concerns do farmer's have? These minute-long audio segments allow farmers to share with a broad audience, what concerns they have, whether it has to do with regulations, the weather, or the public's perception of farmers.

Daryl, a farmer from Douglas, talks about how raising show animals instills responsibility in youth. Listen to Daryl here.

Wes, a rancher form Hazen, shares his thoughts on GMO food labeling. Listen to Wes here.

Tom, a farmer from Verona, talks about why it's not good to have too much government. Listen to Tom here.

Dana, a farmer from Enderlin, talks about her role on the farm. Listen to Dana here.

Levi, a farmer from Ypsilanti, talks about why technology is so important to farmers. Listen to Levi here.

Tyler, a farmer from Cando, talks about what he does after the crop has been planted. Listen to Tyler here.

Carie, a farmer from Rock Lake, talks about why farmers have to wear so many hats. Listen to Carie here.

Laura, a farmer from Grafton, talks about why she supports the use of GMOs. Listen to Laura here.

Hannah, a senior in college, talks about how she will use her degree to benefit agriculture. Listen to Hannah here.

Samantha, a college student, talks about the need for ag educators. Listen to Samantha here.

Craig, a farmer from Cavalier, talks about juggling calving and spring's work. Listen to Craig here.

Chad, a farmer from Hurdsfield, talks about a recent "probable carcinogen" classification for glyphosate. Listen to Chad here.

Teresa, a farmer from Manning, talks about why she is a Farm Bureau member. Listen to Teresa here.

Carie, a farmer from Rock Lake, talks about why she's proud to be a farmer. Listen to Carie here.

Katie, a farmer from Underwood, talks about being an agriculture leader. Listen to Katie here.

Travis, a farmer from Enderlin, talks about developing young leaders through Young Farmers and Ranchers. Listen to Travis here.

Marty, a farmer from Oakes, talks about property taxes and how it is a form of human predation. Listen to Marty here.

Jodi, an NDSU student, discusses pursuing an ag career and how involvement in organizations like Collegiate Farm Bureau can help. Listen to Jodi here.

Cole, a former livestock production specialist, discusses what farmers do for their livestock when the weather turns cold. Listen to Cole here.

Nathan, a farmer from Glasston, shares his thoughts on big data and what it means to farmers. Listen to Nathan here.

Kim, a farmer from Hickson, shares why it's important to have ag education, even in an ag state like North Dakota. Listen to Kim here.

Kirk, a farmer from Arnegard, talks about the importance of farmers being involved in the community. Listen to Kirk here.

Lucas, a farmer from Sterling, talks about the impact urban growth has on agriculture. Listen to Lucas here.

Nathan, a farmer from Berthold, talks about how drones can be used to benefit agriculture. Listen to Nathan here.

Carson, a farmer from Regent, talks about hunting from a landowner's perspective. Listen to Carson here.

Seth, a farmer from Warwick, explains why he's concerned with the "sue and settle" practices of environmental groups and federal agencies. Listen to Seth here.

Val, a farmer from Monango, explains why she thinks it's so important for farmers and ranchers to tell their stories. Listen to Val here.

Chad, a rancher from Bowman, explains how he and others are providing sage grouse habitat and why it's better to keep the federal government out of it. Listen to Chad here.

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