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March 22, 2022

Cookies, bread and eggs

Cookies, bread and eggs

Carol Peterson is on a mission: She wants more people to know where their food comes from and how much farmers actually make in relation to what you pay for your food items. She took her story, along with cookies, bread and eggs -- literally -- to the grocery store in Wimbeldon on National Ag Day to share this story of agriculture.

Carol Peterson at the Wimbeldon Grocery store

Carol serves as the Barnes County Farm Bureau president and she took it upon herself to answer any and all questions about agriculture. She also gave anyone stopping at the booth a free loaf of bread and a dozen eggs and explained how much farmers receive from each. An informational sticker on each item shared how much the farmer receives for the wheat in a loaf of bread (19 cents, in a $2.49 loaf) and 90 cents out of $2.89 for a dozen eggs. Customers were invited to contribute the "farmer's share" to the grocery store.

But what about the cookies? Well, they had a graphic on them that shows, overall, where your food dollar goes.

Where your food dollar goes -- on a cookie!

Carol will be in Valley City on Thursday for a similar event.