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August 2, 2018

It's a countdown to the school year

Or what we did on our summer vacation

It's a countdown to the school year

By Carie Moore

The countdown has begun and we are in the homestretch of summer! Fields of crops and grass are now turning to stubble and bales. School lists and registration forms have made their way onto the “to-do” pile and your good intentions for having your children read and write over the summer are now just a good intention you had.

One kid’s backpack hasn’t moved off the peg since he hung it there the last day of school. I truly regret that and wish we would have done more this summer.

But wait, we did! The kids cleaned out grain bins, picked up hoses from the air seeder repair, tackled 4H projects and events, rode in the sprayer, planted trees, played with the dog, mowed the yard, worked on the combine, washed tractors, got new bikes, made new friends, memorized bible verses, took swimming lessons, went to the lake, stayed with grandma and grandpa, and I could go on about what they accomplished in three months.

Moore kids visit the greenhouse

They had life experience on the farm that no one could give them in school. Do I still feel guilty about the reading and writing? Yes. At this age they need to continually work on that. But on the other hand, they didn’t just sit and do nothing all summer. Maybe reading and writing will be our new goal for the next couple of weeks. The summer is not over yet!

We participated in the N.D. State Fair parade

I thank and applaud all the teachers who truly care and give to their students. I know parents make things difficult for you. I promise we do well during the school year, but we fail during the summer. As we prepare for harvest and school I hope you can take time to thank all the farmers and teachers in your communities. The end of summer and beginning of school is a fast-paced time with a lot of stress, and no matter what you’re never fully prepared for it.

Remember, well-fed bodies help nourish minds. Eat a good breakfast and pack a healthy snack each day no matter what you’re headed out to do. It’s also the season of fresh fruits and veggies, so dig in!