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March 7, 2019

She's rooted in ag

She's rooted in ag

by Carie Moore

I grew up spending summers on my grandparent’s farm, being active in FFA, with a desire to spend my future in agriculture. Twenty-five years ago, you didn't just "become a farmer," and when I told my mom, she replied, "Well, you better marry a farmer because that's the only way!"

Fast forward through time and various ag jobs and I finally met that farmer, Jason Moore. Throughout these past 10 years, I am forever asking questions and learning, and he is patient and explains. I may have taught him a few things about pigs and dairy cows, but he taught me about crops and why farmers do things the way they do. His drive for farming overflowed into my passion and gave me the power to make sure agriculture stays alive for ours and future generations.

Carie and Jason Moore

My voice in ag is just as important as my work, if not more so. Connecting locally with women, schools and partner agencies makes a direct impact, but so is stepping up on the state/national level with farm organizations and legislative members. Jason has supported my efforts and is my go-to when something isn't clear or when I need clarification or another perspective. I couldn't do my advocating or know what I know on the farm without his guidance.

We work hands-on together with equipment, agronomy, marketing and our family. I already see in our children the foundation being made for a future in the ag industry because of Jason’s commitment to us and to agriculture. He has let me incorporate various cover-crop mixes on parts of our land for research, so that I have the experience and the basics personally before involving other producers. He agreed to a goal of reaching consumers by on-farm visits, so for four years our family sacrificed to establish a pumpkin patch for families and youth, which went amazing, until a tornado came through and destroyed everything.

He’s been there, through the struggles and blessings that come along with it all, but we've made it. He knows the importance of getting involved, but like many, may not have the knack to speak or are busy just living agriculture every day, so he supports my efforts and abilities to do it on his behalf. Jason Moore is why I am #ROOTEDINAG.

Carie wrote this essay Carie last year for Syngenta's #ROOTEDINAG competition. She was a finalist in the competition.