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March 15, 2023

Team Pepperoni

Team Pepperoni

Image by Robert Owen-Wahl from Pixabay

by Kelli Bowen

Is there a more perfect food than pizza? Quick meal option? Pizza. Want someone to bring dinner? Pizza. Late night with buddies? Pizza. Trying to feed a gaggle of children? Pizza.

Pizza hasn’t always been such a universally accepted meal. I remember my grandmother telling us about when she was a young woman and made pizza for her father, and he told his daughter in his Norwegian-accent that it was good and she learned later that he said “Fi!! I hope she never makes that again.”

In my house, the children are hardcore pepperoni pizza lovers. Hubby likes taco pizza or anything that involves copious amounts of meat. I like a Buffalo chicken or beer cheese bacon jalapeño pizza…trust me, it’s legit.

Since the younger humans fight about most things, but seem to agree on pizza toppings, we are generally found having pepperoni on pizza night. We all love pepperoni so there are no hard feelings. If it’s up to Miss E, the pizza is on a cheese-stuffed crust.

team pepperoni forever

Pepperoni is cured salami made from beef and pork so it is more equal-opportunity meat option, hitting two meat options at once. Bonus!

Pepperoni is the most popular topping; it’s on over 1/3 of pizzas eaten in America. Americans eat more than 250 millions pounds of pepperoni annually. It turns out 93% of Americans eat pizza each month. In my house, there’s a solid chance we are eating pizza at least once a week.

You can bet your boots that I’m doctoring my beer cheese bacon jalapeño pizza with (you guessed it) pepperoni.

beer cheese bacon jalapeno with a side of pepperoni

We will not discuss pineapple’s place on pizza, because we aren’t horrendous monsters with terrible taste. Team Pepperoni Forever!

Kelli Bowen Kelli makes her home in Cass County with her husband, two daughters (10 and 7) and two dogs. She works for a regional seed company by day and tries to be an alright mom, wife, friend and writer by night.

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