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March 19, 2019

What influencers don't know

What influencers don't know

Who influences you when it comes to food and nutrition?

If you follow a food "influencer" on social media chances are you might not have all the facts. Case in point: The National Chicken Council invited several food and nutrition influencers to visit a broiler chicken farm in Maryland and posted the results of that vist to its Chicken Check In blog.

According to the blog, "even food and nutrition influencers – who work closely with chicken by either developing recipes or discussing chicken’s nutritional benefits – still don’t know the full story around how chicken goes from farm to table." 

For instance, more than half of the participants didn't know that ALL chicken is free of added steroids and hormones.

And almost all of them thought that broiler chickens were raised in cages, when in reality, none of them are. Read the Chicken Check In post on that misconeption.

By visiting the broiler chicken farm, these participants walked away with a true representation of how chickens are raised.

Each participant shared their thoughts after the tour. Your can read all their comments on the Chicken Check In blog.