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July 30, 2018

When Mother Nature wins

It's a high-stress job

When Mother Nature wins
photo courtesy FelixMittermeier, Pixaby

by Wanda Patsche

As a farmer, we take pride in what we grow. We work closely with our seed dealers/agronomists to decide what seeds to grow. We plan and plan. We prepare our soils in order to give our plants the best chance during the growing season. Then when spring is upon us, we plant the seeds. We give them nutrition. We give them protection from pests. And then . . . Mother Nature who controls all

We rely on Mother Nature to hold her end up. She is our partner. But a partner that we have no control over. She does as she does.

shredded field

And then . . . this happens. This picture is a soybean field that was destroyed by hail. No, this was not our field, but it belongs to a young passionate farmer. All I can say to him is “I’m sorry.” It’s so hard to see someone who is just so excited about growing a crop and his farming future and then to see this happen to him. And there is nothing we can do. There is nothing anyone can do but to listen and give words of encouragement.

As crazy as it sounds, but he felt like a failure. In his head, he knows not, but the heart doesn’t always follow. And I understand because honestly, we would feel the same way. Even after 40 years of farming.

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