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March 4, 2019

When you just need an easy meal

When you just need an easy meal

This is a family-pleasing recipe and so easy to make. 

Meal in a Biscuit

By Chris Holznagel


Ground beef (or any other protein you want)

1 pkg. premade large biscuits

Cheese (optional)

Onions (optional)


Brown ground beef, season as desired. Drain excess grease. Flatten biscuits and place in a muffin tin.

Fill with seasoned beef and any other fixings you like. (I like taco meat, cheese and onions) 

Seal up dough over the top of the mixture, or leave open (Either works great)

If you seal up dough, brush top with butter.

Bake according to biscuit package directions.

Boom. Fast and easy. And great for on-the-go. Check out more of our farm-tested recipes.