Members share why they belong

Randy Lemm of Hillsboro shares why he belongs to NDFB.


Brad Gilbertson of Sherwood says NDFB gives him time.

Justin Halvorson of Sheldon shares why he belongs to NDFB.

Carie Moore of Rock Lake, talks about why she belongs to NDFB.

Tom Christensen of Verona, talks about why NDFB is the right fit for him:

Young farmer Corey Hoglund appreciates NDFB's advocacy role in Bismarck and Washington, D.C.

Rodney Brown of Crary, talks about how he got involved and why he stays involved:


Courtney Hawbaker Meduna talks about Farm Bureau's grassroots policy devleopment process:

Trevor and Misty Steeke talk about how they got involved in Farm Bureau and why they remain active in the organization:

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