Route 1000 safe driving program

Welcome to The Route 1000 Program

Driving safety home for teens


  • Teen must have a driver's license (not a permit)
  • Teen must be registered for the class before his or her 18th birthday
  • Teen must attend the one-hour class with a parent or guardian
  • Parent must be an NDFB member

"I appreciate that you offered me the chance to develop safe driving habits and be rewarded for them. I know that this program is very important." - Chloe, a Route 1000 program graduate.

"The Route 1000 course is an exemplary program that allows those enrolled to get a better understanding of the due diligence they must exercise when behind the wheel. I think it is an informative and important class to take for all young drivers and I hope more people get involved in it." - Adam, a Route 1000 program attendee.

Getting a driver's license is an exciting and defining moment in your life. With this excitement, however, comes an added level of responsibility. By joining Route 1000, you are taking an important step in becoming a safer driver.

To participate, you must be a licensed driver under the age of 18 -- or registered before your 18th birthday -- and must attend, with a parent or legal guardian, a one-hour safety class. At the end of the class, you will sign an agreement promising to follow the key points covered in the short course.

After 1,000 days of safe driving with no traffic tickets and/or accidents caused by your actions, you will receive a $500 check.

Please note: A minimum of five students must be registered online five (5) days in advance of the class or it will be canceled. This guideline was established to ensure membership dollars and Highway Patrol officers' time is well invested. We understand some areas of the state are more difficult to meet this minimum, therefore, classes that have not met the minimum online registration five (5) days in advance will be assessed on an individual basis as to if the class will be held. 



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