Meet the Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee

The YF&R program provides opportunities for young men and women to participate in activities designed to develop agricultural leadership and improve their farm operations. Many county Farm Bureaus also have active YF&R groups.

To learn more about YF&R, contact NDFB Director of Leadership Development, Joey Bailey. Visit the YF&R page on Facebook.

Jenna Aasmundstad

YF&R Chair and District 4
Jenna Aasmundstad

Devils Lake, N.D.

Jenna's family has been active in Farm Bureau for decades. She works in Devils Lake for CHS and helps on the family farm west of Devils Lake. She is active in NDFB because she "enjoys policy and having an opinion within the organization.

Devin Flanders

District 1
Devin Flanders
Minto, N.D.

Devin farms near Minto raising corn, soybeans, wheat, barley and sunflowers. He has been a member of Collegiate Farm Bureau and says he got involved with NDFB because it is a "great organization that aligns with my views and I wanted to get involved."


Luke and Elli Ressler

District 2
Luke and Elli Ressler
Hillsboro, N.D.

Luke and Elli farm with Elli’s parents on a diversified crop and livestock farm near Hillsboro. The Ressler's are members of Farm Bureau, Stockmen's Association and Our Saviors Lutheran Church. Elli has been attending Farm Bureau meetings with her parents for quite a while and say they both like to be involved "and help out the ag community any way that we can."

Billy and Abigail Ogdahl

District 3
Billy and Abigail Ogdahl
Milnor, N.D.

Billy and Abigail raised Red and Black Angus on their ranch and have a dog named Walter. Abigail is the secretary/treasurer for the Sargent County Farm Bureau and Billy is the president. They are also involved in the Red Angus Association and Stockmen's Association. They got involved in Farm Bureau because they want to give back to an organization that "gives us resources and community."

Kayla Hart is the District 5 representative on the YF&R Committee

District 5
Kayla Hart
Fessenden, N.D.

Kayla's family farms and ranches near Fessenden and raises corn, soybeans, wheat and has a commercial SimAngus feed lot and a custom corn chopping business. She is the program coordinator for the ND FFA Foundation and says she got involved in NDFB to create a voice for District 5 farmers and ranchers as well as get involved in agriculture advocacy.


Chance and Nicole Kitzman represent District 6

District 6
Chance and Nicole Kitzman
Upham, N.D.

Chance and Nicole have a cow/calf operation and raise corn, soybeans, oats, wheat, rye near Upham. They got involved in Farm Bureau because they feel it is getting more and more important to keep a strong voice out there for young farmers and "Farm Bureau is the strongest of those voices."


Ethan Olsen, District 7 YF&R

District 7
Ethan Olsen
Mandan, N.D.

Ethan runs a commercial cow/calf and backgrounding operation with his father. They grow silage and grain corn, oats, barley and alfalfa hay for their livestock. He is involved in Morton County Farm Bureau and says he saw some of the things his county Farm Bureau was doing, "And I was like, 'Why not be a part of that?' " Ethan also says he thinks it's important to help educate the next generation about agriculture and what it means for all of us.

 Ashley Skarsgard and her family

District 8
Ashley Skarsgard
Stanley, N.D.

Ashley and her husband, Aaron, farm growing spring wheat, durum, canola, flax, soybeans, pease and barley. They are active in Mountrail County Farm Bureau and Ashley has been part of Farm Bureau since 2008 after meeting her now husband when he served as the Dist 8 YF&R rep. She says her children are a little older so it seemed like a good time to get more involved, "and share my passion for agriculture and gain more knowledge from others along the way."

District 9 YF&R Representative Sheridan Visser

District 9
Sheridan Visser
Reeder, N.D.

Sheridan and her husband, Austin, ranch near Reeder, raising 200 head of cattle and 100 head of commercial meat goats. She is a firefigher and emergency first responder for the Reeder Fire Department and work with crop insurance for Farm Credit of Mandan. She says she got involved in Farm Bureau because she wanted to get more involved with her community and "extend my network and advocate for agriculture."

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