NDFB Week 2021

Posted 1/07/21 (Thu)

March 7-13, 2021 is the celebration of NDFB Week. The theme for this year’s event is “Working together to help agriculture flourish.”

Coloring Contest for grades 4 and 5

This year, NDFB is holding a coloring contest for 4th and 5th graders. They will be asked to draw farmers and ranchers working together to grow your food. We will award a winner in each grade in the following categories:

- Creativity and originality of the theme

- Quality of artistic composition and overall design

All four winners will receive $50 each and will be published in the NDFB’s newsletter Focus. Please pass out the contest sheets to your local schools, after school programs, and/or churches. All entries must be in the Bismarck office by March 5. If your county is planning to select a winner from your area, please do the judging before you send the entries to the Bismarck office.

Click here to download the coloring contest info. 

Free Meat Monday

Counties are encouraged to host a Free Meat Monday on the Monday of NDFB Week. Some ideas counties could do are: - Give out free hotdogs or hamburgers at a grocery store, gas station, or any other local business. - Hold a drawing for free meat.

Hold a membership drive

Host an event to bring in new members. Remember, there are INCENTIVES for county leaders to conduct membership work! NDFB Week is also an opportunity for your county to showcase what you have done over the past year. In addition to state activities, please send out a news release, put ads in your local paper or on the radio, hold an issues meeting, post fliers and get the word out about what you have done.

Fundraising event for the NDFB Foundation

Take this time to have a fundraising event for the NDFB Foundation. Have a chili or BBQ cookoff, free will donation basket at the local grocery store. Have fun and get creative!

Ag trivia in your area

Have some fun with ag trivia in your local grocery stores, banks, restaurants or even on the radio. 

Contact Dawn Smith-Pfeifer or Lisa Hauf in the Bismarck office to customize your ads or for more materials. dawn@ndfb.org lisa@ndfb.org


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