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Educators take advantage of this great opportunity

Where does food come from? The grocery store or the local deli? In our highly urbanized society today, the vast majority of our students have limited contact with agriculture.

4/10/17 (Mon)

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Agent receives award

Nodak Insurance Company Career Agent Steve Mueller recruited more new voting members for NDFB than any other agent in the state and received a check for his efforts.

4/06/17 (Thu)

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NDFB scholarship winners announced

The NDFB Promotion and Education Committee announced five individuals have been awarded $1,000 scholarships through the NDFB Foundation.

4/06/17 (Thu)

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Good news about ag sustainability!

While zealots may not get it, the public does. New research shows Americans understand modern agriculture is a good thing. For all of us.

3/29/17 (Wed)

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RRFN runs Dakota Cattle Drive PSAs

A big thank you to the Red River Farm Network for running PSAs to help increase awareness about the NDFB Foundation Dakota Cattle Drive to assist wildfire victims.

3/27/17 (Mon)

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Off the path in Oliver County

The My NDFB Life blog has a guest poster today: Southwest Field Representative Aryel Smith.

3/24/17 (Fri)

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Happy National Ag Day

It's National Ag Day. Watch how one county Farm Bureau is helping bring awareness to kids about the importance of agriculture.

3/21/17 (Tue)

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NDFB Foundation helps wildfire victims rebuild

Tragedy can hit at any time. It can take your life’s work, your future and your dreams. The wildfires in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas brought heartache to the agriculture community.

3/17/17 (Fri)

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Dr. Tilton honored

NDFB nominated Dr. James Tilton to the N.D. Agriculture Hall of Fame, and he received that honor on March 11 during ceremonies at the North Dakota Winter Show.

3/13/17 (Mon)

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Born to work, born to farm

In our final NDFB Week "I farm because..." video, we feature long-time member Rodney Brown.

3/11/17 (Sat)

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Without agriculture, there is no future

Val Wagner is a farmer from Monango with four boys and a passion for the future of agriculture.

3/10/17 (Fri)

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Appreciating where your food comes from

Our "I farm because..." video today features Carie Moore, a young farmer from the Rock Lake area.

3/09/17 (Thu)

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He farms because he loves it!

Corey Hoglund is a young farmer from Mapleton. Watch his "I farm because" story.

3/08/17 (Wed)

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And the winners are...

A statewide drawing contest for 4th and 5th grade students asked participants to portray, “Why farmers farm” for NDFB Week this year.

3/07/17 (Tue)

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A never-give-up attitude

You have to be several things to be a farmer. Katie Heger shares why she and her family farm in our third "I farm because..." video.

3/07/17 (Tue)

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