Ag strikes a nerve with animal activist group

Created: 1/25/10 (Mon) | Topic: Issues reports that agriculture’s efforts to inform the public about the difference between the Humane Society of the United States and local animal shelters was a topic in a newsletter sent to shelter employees by Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS.

In The Scoop e-newsletter, Pacelle wrote, “The trend toward improved treatment of farm animals is spreading, and that has agitated agribusiness interests, particularly the American Farm Bureau Federation and perhaps your own state or local Farm Bureau.”

Pacelle reportedly goes on to describe Farm Bureau’s efforts as a plan designed to try to divide the humane community, in order to undermine support for humane reforms in animal agriculture. Further, employees are urged “not to be deceived by this newly hatched effort by the Farm Bureau to enlist you in opposing mainstream animal welfare reforms for animals used in agribusiness.”

The Animal Ag Alliance, in its e-newsletter Alliance Link, noted “It’s HSUS that is trying to deceive the public — not farmers…too often, animal lovers who mean well donate to HSUS thinking that it will save homeless pets, when in reality money goes toward furthering the group’s political agenda.”

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