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Created: 10/11/10 (Mon) | Topic: Leadership        

An open letter to North Dakota voters...

An open letter to North Dakota voters...

By Brian Kalk

Fellow Patriots,

As you all know, election season is upon us.  In North Dakota, absentee balloting is underway and early voting is only a couple of weeks away.  We will be electing U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Legislators, and local officials.

TV and radio ads, billboards, yard signs, and countless news stories about the upcoming election, are testament to this November event. Voting is the lifeblood of our democracy.  The right to vote has been purchased with the blood of generations of patriots who died defending this precious right.  

On the right side of this note, you can see just how many American heroes paid the ultimate price to guarantee that we can go to the polls and exercise our right to vote. As has been said many times: Freedom is not free; it must be paid for by each generation. Voting is the affirmation of Freedom.

When I taught political science classes at North Dakota State University, I would challenge students by telling them their voice didn't matter. Needless to say, it would get their attention. In the lecture I would point out that if they do not vote, they are not in the game. And, they are not honoring those who paid the ultimate price to give those students the right to vote. The surest way to lose that right is to not exercise it. With every right, comes a responsibility.

We have, not only the right, but, the duty and responsibility, to vote.  In a world of oppression, tyranny, and darkness, America stands as a beacon of hope and freedom.  As we exercise that right to vote, we honor those who defend and protect us.

There are many ways you can vote; absentee, early voting, or casting a traditional ballot on November 2.  No matter which method you choose, please vote.  I know of no better way to thank those who defend us and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, than to cast your ballot.

God's Speed.



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