Anti-meat blog on EPA site getting blasted

Created: 4/21/10 (Wed) | Topic: Issues

An anti-meat posting on the Environmental Protection Agency’s official blog is getting blasted in social media and on the blogosphere. In the posting, Nicole Reising, an intern in EPA’s Office of Children’s Health Protection, blames meat production for its negative impact on the environment.

“Another issue that the EPA is specifically interested in is the pollution that feedlots and animal wastes are causing in waterways. The runoff from feedlots and animal feces-covered fields is causing some of our waters, such as areas in the Chesapeake Bay, to become unhealthy,” Reising wrote in her posting. “Regulations can be made to help prevent the effects of meat production, but the easiest way to lessen the environmental impacts is to become a vegetarian or vegan.”

AFBF President Bob Stallman urged EPA to do a better job of controlling its blog space.

“Interns, like all Americans, are entitled to their own opinion on subjects being discussed in public forums. But they, like all government employees, should have an understanding that they are not just representing themselves, they are representing the particular government agency—in this case the EPA,” said Stallman. “While this is a position taken by an intern of the agency, EPA should control its blog space. What is written on its blog comes across as its official position toward farmers and ranchers that it regulates and shows a terrible disregard for them and the agriculture industry.”

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