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We are discontinuing this weekly NDFB Newsline feature and will be producing a new podcast in the coming weeks. NDFB Newsline will be issued on an as-needed basis in the future.

2/15/2016: Presidents' Day insights
NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt shares some insight into what Presidents' Day and past presidents can teach us about what we should look for in our future president.

2/2/2016: NDFB President encourages pig farm comments
NDFB President Daryl Lies spoke before those attending the NDFB Farm and Ranch Conference in Minot, Jan. 29-31, and encouraged everyone to speak up and support the proposed pig farm near Buffalo, N.D.

1/26/2016: Obama's veto disregards American principles
NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt says Obama's veto of the Joint Resolution by Congress ignores the checks and balances this country's government was founded upon.

1/20/2016: Farm Labor
McLean County Farm Bureau President Katie Heger shares her personal story of the difficulties getting farm labor on their farm. (This segment runs 1:45)

1/12/2016: #iAdvocate
NDFB Promtion and Education Committee chair Val Wagner talks about the American Farm Bureau Federation Promotion and Education Committee's #iAdvocate photo contest.

1/5/2016: 2016 Farm and Ranch Conference
NDFB Young Farmer and Rancher Chair Craig Vaughn highlights what to expect at the 2016 Farm and Ranch Conference, coming up at the end of January.

12/29/2015: No NDFB Newsline issued.

12/22/2015: A special holiday NDFB Newsline
NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt shares a special holiday message for Christmas.

12/15/2016: EPA broke the law
NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt talks about the recent U.S. Government Accountability Office finding about the Environmental Protection Agency's Waters of the U.S. social media campaign. 

12/8/2015: 2016 NDFB Scholarships
NDFB Promotion and Education District 6 Committee Representative Alysa Leier shared insights into the reasons for the changes to the NDFB scholarship program.

12/1/2015: A young farmer's passion
It's not easy to get started in farming, but Corey Hoglund, a young farmer from Mapleton, says there is nothing he would rather do.

11/24/2015: Thanks giving
NDFB Public Policy director shares a special Thanksgiving message.

11/17/2015: AFBF launches Election 2016 website
American Farm Bureau Federation has launched a presidential election website that provides information on the candidates, as well as Farm Bureau's position on issues. AFBF Director of Advocacy and Political Affairs Cody Lyon explains more.

11/10/2015: Veterans Day
NDFB Public Policy Director provides commentary on the purpose and importance of Veterans Day.

11/3/2015: Red meat and cancer risks
American Farm Bureau Federation's Trudy Wastweet puts in perspective the recent World Health Organization report suggesting processed meat and red meats pose cancer risks.

10/27/2015: Gary Sides, annual banquet speaker
NDFB Executive Vice President talks about the featured speaker, Gary Sides, at the upcoming NDFB Annual Meeting, to be held Nov. 13-15 at the Holiday Inn, in Fargo.

10/20/2015: Ag economy outlook
American Farm Bureau Federation Deputy Chief Economist John Anderson is in North Dakota attending county Farm Bureau annual meetings and sharing his outlook on the ag economy.

10/13/2015: Women of Agriculture
October 12 was National Farmers Day. And while we publicly thanked farmers and ranchers for providing food and fiber for all of us, it's also important to remember that many of those farmers and ranchers are women.

10/6/2015: Critical habitat causes concern
The U.S.  Fish and Wildlife Service has designated North Dakota as critical habitat for two butterlies. What does that mean for farmers and ranchers? NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt explains more.

9/29/2015: NDFB Foundation Gun Raffle
Due to popular demand, North Dakota Farm Bureau is holding a second fall gun raffle. This time, the organization's foundation will be the recipient of the raffle proceeds. NDFB Leadership Development Director Joey Tigges explains more.

9/22/2015: FLP Online class scheduled
NDFB Food, Land and People coordinator Jill Vigesaa talks about the upcoming FLP online class and encourages educators to sign up soon because space is limited.

9/15/2015: How to win an election
NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt talks about the campaign school "How to win an election" that will be held in Bismarck, December 10-11.

9/8/2015: New conservation partnership announced
Congressman Kevin Cramer and NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt share insights into the new conservation partnership that was announced at a press conference last week.

9/1/2015: You can't take the farm out of the girl
NDFB Assistant Treasurer Val Gordon had an opportunity to ride in a combine on the farm where she grew up. She says she was amazed at the technology that was used, but despite those advances, the feelings still remain the same.

8/25/2015: North Dakota EPA hearing
NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt attended the hearing on EPA's Waters of the U.S. rule in Fargo last Friday. He shares some insights gleaned from that hearing.

8/17/2015: Mapping EPA's WOTUS reach
Muddy rules make for bad water policy, as a series of new maps show just how much impact EPA's new Waters of the U.S. rules could impact agriculture, and more. Ellen Steen, American Farm Bureau Federation General Counsel explains more.

8/10/2015: Sage Grouse rebounding
There has been a lot of talk about the need to "do something" about the Sage Grouse population. Turns out, according to NDFB Public Policy Director Pete Hanebutt, that the species is rebounding without government intervention.

8/3/2015: Last FLP summer workshop scheduled
The final NDFB Food, Land and People workshop is coming to Bismarck on August 12-13. Jill Vigesaa, FLP coordinator, shares some insight into the class.


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