Building trust in a scroll through world

Created: 11/01/19 (Fri) | Topic: Education

by Lisa Hauf, NDFB Director of Public Relations

Trust: it’s a word we are all familiar with, but have you ever taken the time to sit down and think about how much it impacts our lives? I recently attended a national public relations conference, and a word spoken at almost every session was “trust.”

My favorite analogy was relating trust to airplanes and helicopters. I’m sure you can think of several ways the two are different. One way is, planes are designed to fly. If you cut the power to an airplane, you will still have a few moments of being able to glide. If the power is cut on a helicopter, you drop, and you crash fast. Trust is very similar to a helicopter. Once it is lost, you don’t have time to recover.

Building confidence in those around us takes work. Look at your personal relationships.

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