Delegates decide policies at NDFB annual meeting

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Delegates to the North Dakota Farm Bureau 68th annual meeting voted to support increased state funding for county and township road maintenance and repair across the state.

“Our members understand that infrastructure needs are great all across the state, for a variety of reasons. Getting our roads back in shape and making them safer for our residents will have a positive effect on our communities and our economy,” said NDFB President Eric Aasmundstad.

Delegates also voiced their displeasure and concern with the growth of the national debt and government intrusion.

“They restated their desire to eliminate government farm programs to help get federal spending under control. Reducing the debt will not be a painless process, and they understand that we must all curb spending. Farmers can do their part through the elimination of farm program payments and by privatizing crop insurance programs,” Aasmundstad said.

“Government rules and regulations are stifling our ability to produce commodities,” he added. “We would gladly give up program payments in return for less government control of our businesses.”
The delegates also stated that they oppose tax increases and support property tax reform in North Dakota.

“Real, long-term property tax relief will only occur with property tax reform,” said Aasmundstad, citing both as priority issues.

When property valuations increase, local elected officials should have to lower the mill levies proportionately. The local political subdivision would receive the same dollars as the previous year and the taxpayer would have stability in its tax burden. New property on the tax rolls would provide growth in the budget.

North Dakota Farm Bureau’s policies are the culmination of the policy development process. Resolutions become organizational policy at the NDFB state annual meeting, when members representing each county Farm Bureau vote upon each resolution.

“It is our members who determine the direction this organization will take, based on our philosophical beliefs and the resolutions brought forward to the counties and through to the state,” Aasmundstad said. “Individuals can, and do, make a difference in this organization.”

North Dakota Farm Bureau is the most effective general farm and ranch organization in the state of North Dakota, with 27,000 members and 50 organized county Farm Bureaus.

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