EPA in trouble again

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September 13, 2016: NDFB President Daryl Lies checks in from Big Iron and shares thoughts on the recent unanimous 8th Circuit Court ruling that says EPA violated personal privacy of farmers.  

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Well, it’s a first for us, doing a remote Dialogue from Big Iron in Fargo. And, this week, we’re spending some time visiting with farmers and ranchers throughout the state that are here seeing what’s new in technology and new in availability for their operations out here.

And with technology comes some data that’s used by farmers and ranchers sensitive to their operations.

Well, in conjunction with that, what’s being talked about is that sensitive information issue, of which the 8th Circuit Court just came down with a unanimous ruling against the EPA on information released in a FOIA request by groups like Earth Justice, Natural Resources Defense Fund and others that contained phone numbers, exact locations, type of operations, numbers on the operations of these farms, that are extremely sensitive.

American Farm Bureau and the National Pork Producers filed a lawsuit a few years ago and got a favorable ruling that, that private information of a producer – that sensitive information – is not to be released in a FOIA request.

That private information is like private property. And private property rights and the privacy of information is at the basis of what NDFB stands for. So this ruling that the 8th Circuit came down with – once again unanimously – putting EPA in their place that they once again overreached the scope of an agency, and their regulatory authority, of what they released for private farmer and rancher information. And that, folks, is a victory when it comes to private property rights and privacy of your personal information.

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