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Created: 5/06/10 (Thu) | Topic: Issues

The estate tax law sunset in January 2010; however, Congress will enact some legislation this year to reinstate the death tax.

Key Congressional leaders have told the American Farm Bureau Federation they expect legislative action prior to Memorial Day, most likely in the Senate Finance Committee, of which Senator Kent Conrad is a member. Therefore, we are trying to focus our attention on Senator Conrad in the month of May.

There are two ways you can participate in the “Put Death Taxes to Rest” campaign.

1) One of the most influential tools is personal stories. If you have a story that you are willing to share about how the estate tax has impacted your family, we encourage you to send it to Senator Conrad within the next month. You can “Share Your Story” at AFBF would like to use these examples as they work with Senators on the importance of repealing the estate tax permanently.

2) If you are concerned about the future of your farm or ranch, you can use our NDFB Action Alert system to send an email directly to Senator Conrad. Simply and click on Current Action Alerts.

AFBF and NDFB support a permanent repeal of the estate tax, but it does not appear the votes are available at this time, so AFBF is seeking a $5 million exemption.

Please share this Action Alert with your friends, family and neighbors. It is important that we get as many emails to the Senator as possible.

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