Fun way to clear up misconceptions early

Created: 10/19/11 (Wed) | Topic: Education

Cartoons, commercials, video games and storybooks can all generate misconceptions about farms, ranches and where food comes from.

Curtis Miller, education director for the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, said it’s important to help kids understand more about food production, because it will be important information when they’re making decisions about their food in the future.

“We all got that joke when we were young that chocolate milk comes from brown cows and everybody laughs about that. I grew up on a dairy farm and it was something my dad said to me, but if you don’t address that issue, young people will actually believe those kinds of things,” Miller said. “That’s why the Foundation provides materials for teachers and parents to help battle those misconceptions at an early age and why you can play agricultural computer games at ”

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