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NDFB just wrapped up its 75th anniversary annual meeting celebration. It's a week to celebrate the bounty of agriculture and be thankful.

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In this week of Thanksgiving, we at NDFB have a lot to be thankful for, as we are just coming off a milestone annual meeting, the 75th annual meeting of NDFB. Seventy-five years ago, farmers and ranchers came together and created the most effective ag organization in the great state of North Dakota.

So, who do we thank? Well, we thank our members. Those members that took extra time to come and be delegates and share their voices of their counties in developing policy. Some very vigorous debate. And some unanimous consent on certain policies, and everything in between, giving us our direction for the next year here at NDFB.

And thanks to our staff. It’s a bigger undertaking when you’re celebrating a milestone like the 75th anniversary of NDFB.

And then you have those that came from a lot further away to share their history, past executive directors, past presidents, and others, that joined us on this milestone year to tell us what it was like when they were in leadership positions at NDFB.

And so, since we’re in this week of Thanksgiving, let’s also thank every farmer and rancher for producing the food that’s on our table every day, but seems to get a bigger highlight this time of the year, whether you’re the traditional turkey-dinner type person, or if you’re going to enjoy ham, prime rib or whatever your meal may include, take the extra time and thank those that produced what’s on your dinner table.

And from me? The opportunity I’ve had, two years now, and another two years given to me, I thank everyone involved at NDFB, from the member at the county level, to our staff and state board of directors for a job that is volunteer for many, a day-to-day commitment for others, and for sure an advocacy and a passion for agriculture. For that, thank you.

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