Letters for Lyrics

Created: 9/13/10 (Mon) | Topic: Leadership

Help the Ram Truck Brand and Zac Brown Band reach their goal of sending 1 million letters to U.S. soldiers with just a few "clicks" as the "Letters for Lyrics" campaign takes to the Web.

More than 325,000 letters have been collected to date and many more are needed to reach their goal. In exchange for writing a letter to a U.S. soldier, participants will receive a special compilation CD titled "Breaking Southern Ground." This exclusive CD features three all-new songs from Zac Brown Band, as well as music from artists signed to Zac Brown's label, Southern Ground Artists – Sonia Leigh, Nic Cowan and Levi Lowrey. The new online campaign gives participants the choice of either donating their complimentary CD to a U.S. soldier or receiving their CD by printing out their letter and bringing it in to a Ram Truck dealer.

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