NDFB at the KMOT Ag Expo

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North Dakota Farm Bureau will be at the KMOT Ag Expo in Minot, January 25-27,  educating consumers young and old on the importance of agriculture and the petition to safeguard farming and ranching practices in the North Dakota Constitution.

NDFB participates in the Living Ag Classroom program.The program is a collaborative effort of many agriculture groups and commodities. 
An NDFB Promotion and Education Committee member represents NDFB in the planning of the event in their district. 
We have a redesigned pork booth this year with the motto of "Pork: We use everything but the oink." 
Our Pork booth highlights four diverse aspects of the hog. 
1. Pork is full of vitamins, which help our teeth and bones. 
2. Many items come from a pig after the edible meat is taken off the carcass. 
3. Pork is the “other white meat” and has lots of thiamin, niacin, and minerals to keep your body healthy.  
4. Many pharmaceutical products come from pigs. 
Other Living Ag Classroom dates are:
Bismarck, Feb 14-15 during the KFYR Ag Show at the Civic Center

Fargo, March 6-9 at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds

Lisbon, March 30 - at the Expo Center

We are also encouraging those attending the Expo to stop by the NDFB booth (#36) and sign the petition to safeguard modern farming and ranching practices in the North Dakota Constitution. 

See you at the Expo!

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