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NDFB encouraging people to attend Lewis and Clark Trail meeting

NDFB encouraging people to attend Lewis and Clark Trail meeting

The National Park Service is in the process of developing a Comprehensive Management Plan for the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail. They are holding a series of ‘scoping’ and public input meetings in several locations along the 3,700-mile designated trail. One such meeting was conducted in the middle of August in Bismarck. Due to little publicity about the meeting, very few people were even aware of the meeting.

Thanks to due diligence by Morton Co. Commissioner Andy Zachmeier, the NPS will attend the next commission meeting to provide information and take comments on the Comprehensive Management Plan. The meeting will be held September 7th beginning at 6 pm at the Morton County Courthouse.

The National Park Service (NPS) has begun developing a Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) for the Trail that will guide future administration and management of the Trail for the next 15-20 years. This plan will outline long range goals and issues, and will provide a vision for future opportunities and desired conditions along the Trail. This plan will help to guide the NPS in how to preserve, interpret, and use the Trail’s resources, while working within the framework of law and policy.

This is the very start of a three to four year process to develop the CMP. At this point, the NPS has not prepared any alternatives. Alternatives could be a simple as posting more signage along the trail or developing a few different brochures about a specific area. It could be as complex as obtaining land, developing more interpretive centers, building hiking/biking trails or restricting land use on adjacent properties. All of that will become more apparent as the process goes forward.

If you are concerned about property rights, agricultural uses of land surrounding or near the Lewis & Clark Trail, or energy development in the area; you should plan to attend this meeting. Your input is important to the process.

Below are questions being asked by the NPS about the management and long range plan for the Lewis & Clark Trail. You can respond either by mail: Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, CMP, 601 Riverfront Drive, Omaha, NE 68102.

You can also go online to respond. The address is:

Topic Questions:
1. What do you value most about Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and is the Trail important to you?
2. How do you experience the Trail and what experiences would you like to have along the Trail?
3. Imagine you are visiting Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail 20 years from now. What do you think the Trail should look like in the future? How can we relate today to this historic event, cultures, the past landscape setting and related stories from over two hundred years ago?
4. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail is over 3,700 miles long and there may be some segments, or locations that are special to you or that you have concerns about. Please describe those places and your concerns. If you have photographs of these same places please include in your comments, the name, location, and GPS coordinates, if known, of each photo along with a brief description of why this location is special.
5. What do you think are the most important issues affecting the Trail and the long term preservation, use and enjoyment of this resource and associated resources?
6. How would you define “where” the Trail is located and “what” makes the Trail a National Historic Trail?
7. How should the National Park Service administer the Trail?
8. Are there any other issues or concerns the National Park Service should address in this plan?


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