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Created: 2/11/11 (Fri) | Topic: Issues        

NDFB says NO to perpetual easement bill

NDFB says NO to perpetual easement bill

Senate Bill 2362 was heard Thursday morning in the Senate Natural Resources Committee. The bill would allow perpetual conservation easements to be acquired in North Dakota. The bill is sponsored by Senators Triplett, Taylor, and Erbele along with Representatives Keiser and Schmidt. North Dakota Farm Bureau opposed this bill along with the Stockman’s Association and several individual citizens.

North Dakota Farm Bureau said in testimony, “How can anyone know what the highest and best use for a parcel of land will be two or three generations from now? If somebody thinks they can make that determination today they are arrogant. We cannot impose restrictions upon property that prevents future generations from full use and enjoyment of property. Those of us here today are only here for a very short time in comparison to perpetuity.” The committee took no action at this time. We believe extensive contacts from Farm Bureau members to your Senators are needed to prevent this bill from passing on the floor of the Senate.

This is a high priority issue for NDFB and members are encouraged to contact their Senators to vote no on SB 2362 by using our Action Alert system.


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