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Created: 3/08/10 (Mon) | Topic: Education        

NDFB Week Safety Tip #1

NDFB Week Safety Tip #1

Farming has plenty of challenges, but probably one of the hazards that farmers worry about the least are the dangers from working in the sun.

According to Dr. David Pariser, a dematologist and president of the American Academy of Dematology, research shows farmers are among the least likely workers to receive a skin examination by a physician.

"It's important that farmers perform regular skin self-examptions, which could mean the difference between life and death," Pariser says.

To identify a mole or lesion that needs the attention of a dermatologist, remember ABCDE: 

Asymmetry (one half is unlike the other)
Border (irrgular, scalloped or poorly defined)
Color (varies from one area to another)
Diameter (the size of a pencil eraser or larger)
Evolving (changing in size, shape or color.)

Pariser says it's important to do self checks, because, when detected early, skin cancer has a cure rate of 99 percent.


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