NDFB Week Safety Tip #5

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A lot of kids and adults ride All Terrain Vehicles for recreational purposes, but there are laws regarding ATV use, just like there are laws for driving cars.

In North Dakota, the laws are as follows:

  • All riders under the age of 18 (passengers and operator) must wear a helmet.
  • All ATVs must be registered, renewing registration once every two years unless solely being driven on private property.
  • To operate an ATV a person 12 years of age to under 16 years of age must possess a driver's license or an ATV safety certificate.
  • No passengers are allowed, unless the ATV is designed for carrying a passenger.
  • ATV use on roads is limited to county and township roads marked 45 mph and below. ATV use is also allowed in the highway right of way, bottom of the ditch or along the outslope. It is illegal to operate on the shoulder or inside slope. Certain other restrictions apply.

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An ATV weighs at least 400 pounds. That means if you tip an ATV and you are pinned underneath, you would not be able to push it off your body. Many kids have been crushed to death in this way.

We strongly urge people to attend an Off-Highway Vehicle safety class. These classes are offered by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department. For more information, go to or call 701-328-5357.

Another very important point to remember is that all ATVs have one sit. That means one rider.


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