NDFB white paper on pesticide drift

Created: 4/16/10 (Fri) | Topic: Issues

When it comes to the proposed changes to the Clean Water Act, farmers and ranchers have a right to be concerned.

In 2009, a court's ruling reversed 30 years of EPA practice of not requiring permits for pesticides applied in accordance with pesticide labeling laws.

From the farmer’s perspective, pesticides are costly, but often necessary. For some farmers, the best option is to use natural methods of pest control before turning to chemicals.

Most farming operations have a host of pests and diseases that require a flexible response in order to save the crop. The needs of a farmer vary by region, climate and crop and do not fall neatly into categories.

To learn more about the issue and how it could impact farmers and ranchers, read NDFB's white paper by clicking here.

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