Power outages are damaging and costly. Grainger can help.

Created: 2/14/11 (Mon) | Topic: Benefits

Grainger, which offers North Dakota Farm Bureau members an outstanding discount, is urging folks to be prepared for power outages.

Electrical power outages, surges and spikes cause more than $150 billion* in damages to the U.S. economy every year—-more damaging to an organization's electrical infrastructure than fires, floods, earthquakes, network outages, service failures, and hardware problems combined.

Common Causes of a Power Outage
Many people are surprised to learn that serious weather isn't the leading cause of power outages. Here are a few others:

 •   Miscellaneous mechanical damage, construction error and fire
 •   Human error, including digging, cranes, traffic and vandalism
 •   Animal contact
 •   Fallen trees or tree growth
 •   Heavy winds
 •   Utility equipment problems and grid overload

Grainger offers a wide selection of supplies to help you plan for and respond to a power outage. 

Learn more about the NDFB Grainger benefit.

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