SB 2315 is about private property rights

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March 12, 2019: SB 2315 is a private property rights -- not an anti-hunter -- bill

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Private property rights. A major focus for those of us who are members of NDFB. Property rights are the backbone and the foundation of basic freedom in the United States. On Thursday, March 14, the House Ag Committee will hear testimony regarding Senate Bill 2315, the private property rights bill.

Now this has been labelled by some as an anti-hunter bill. But it is quite the opposite. It’s a private property rights bill. It gives the ability for those landowners in North Dakota to more securely have and protect their private property and have true inherent private property rights.

It’s quite a bit different than what 2315 was when it was first introduced. In fact, if I take my private property rights hat off and put on my hunter – my sportsman’s – cap, which most of the landowners in the state of North Dakota are, and they want to see that tradition protected.

But if I take that cap and I put it on and look strictly from a sportsman’s point of view, this bill actually helps the sportsmen plan their outings and their hunts for the fall seasons. Yes, what I said is correct. I believe this bill assists and makes things easier when planning your hunting trips because of the database that it will create.

We encourage our House members to pass Senate Bill 2315 just as the Senate did right before crossover. And we hope that landowners from all across the state will call in and encourage its passing. And we hope that the sportsmen of the state understand that this is about private property rights, not about ending hunting like some people say it will. Quite to the contrary, I believe this is a compromise that will also enhance the opportunities to plan better for hunting trips across the state of North Dakota.  

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