Today is Protect Your Ground Water Day

Created: 9/14/10 (Tue) | Topic: Education

Today is “Protect Your Ground Water Day,” sponsored by the National Ground Water Association to mobilize the public to take action to protect one of our most precious resources. The American Farm Bureau Federation supports Protect Your Ground Water Day and urges Farm Bureau members to take steps to protect ground water.

“Ground water is a hugely important resource; 95 percent of all available fresh water in the U.S. and the world is in the form of ground water. It’s something that we all impact through what we do and it’s something that we can all protect,” said Cliff Treyens, public awareness director for the National Ground Water Association.

Treyens said people can protect ground water by preventing contamination by properly disposing of hazardous waste products like paint, batteries and solvents, and by conserving.

For more information, American Farm Bureau recently issued a news release.

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