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AFBF requests participation in thank you campaign

NEPA modernization will promote more efficient, effective and timely federal environmental reviews. The new regulations apply to a broad range of federal actions, including federally funded construction projects, plans to manage and develop federal lands, and federal authorizations of non-federal activities such as licenses and permits. NEPA compliance affects a variety of projects and activities, including construction of roads, bridges, highways, public transit, airports, conventional and renewable energy production and distribution, electricity transmission, water infrastructure, broadband deployment and management of public lands, forests and waters.

NEPA modernization is a win for American agriculture:

  • Keeping federal forests and rangelands healthy and productive is critical to farmers and ranchers who rely on the land and share this public trust with their rural communities.
  • The regulations are a welcome modernization of the federal environmental review process, which will protect the environment while benefiting the economy.
  • This is about smart government and promoting more effective and timely federal environmental reviews. Whether they result in approval or denial of a project, the goal is to avoid projects being in limbo for years.

Send a thank you message to President Trump now for supporting America’s farmers and ranchers through NEPA modernization.


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