Section 600 - Education

601.00 Agricultural Education

We support the promotion of agricultural careers in our schools.---ID#: 2566/23

We favor the promotion of career and technical student organizations in all North Dakota secondary schools.---ID#:2621/23

We favor development and implementation of curricula teaching accurate information of modern production  agriculture.---ID#: 2317/22

We believe a student who participates in an agricultural activity or program that promotes character, develops and teaches leadership skills and public speaking such as 4-H, should be credited as present by the school in which the student is enrolled in the same manner as an educational field trip. Local school boards should adopt a policy to implement or support this resolution.---ID#:2520/22

Although the North Dakota Century Code 15.1-21-01.3(e) requires instruction in North Dakota studies, including agriculture, NDFB supports legislation that would require agriculture education included within the fourth and eighth grade North Dakota studies curriculum.---ID#: 2035/22

We support the continued education of the public on the benefits of advancements and the use of technology in all avenues of agriculture, including developing and supporting educational opportunities for sharing those benefits.---ID#:2666/24

We support continued state funding, and NDFB's participation, for agriculture in the classroom programs and other educational programs that promote agriculture within schools at all levels.---ID#: 2002/24

602.00 Education Administration and Curriculum

We oppose requiring teachers to have a major in every core class they teach.---ID#: 2561/23

We oppose Planned Parenthood using federal or state funds for continuing education classes.---ID#:2617/23

We strongly encourage the state Legislature to evaluate all state university research facilities to examine their  effectiveness and value.---ID#:2528/22

We support the requirement of high school students to take at least one career and technical education (CTE) course between grades 9-12.---ID#: 2675/24

We oppose any tax payer funded school from teaching our children gender modification. We recommend removing all state and federal funding from schools that do not abide by this requirement.---ID#: 2648/24

We oppose the inclusion of critical race theory in the curriculum within the North Dakota education system.---ID#: 2488/22

We support local and state jurisdiction over our educational curriculum to best meet the development and vocational needs of our students.---ID#: 2229/24

603.00 Education Funding

We believe the North Dakota School Land Trust Fund should be made available to local school districts to reduce the cost of building educational infrastructure in North Dakota schools.---ID#: 2339/23

We propose smaller schools receive higher funding per pupil than the bigger schools.---ID#: 1950/24

We support an educational reimbursement program to give parents and students school choice.---ID#: 2655/24

604.00 Higher Education

We support expanding the farm business management education program.---ID#: 1862/23

We believe NDSU, North Dakota's land grant university, should provide a comprehensive, multidisciplined agricultural education. We encourage NDSU's ability to continue a multi-discipline agricultural education program.---ID#: 2319/22

We support reciprocity in our higher education institutions.---ID#: 2266/22

We encourage the installation of more agricultural education teacher programs and support the advancement of all agricultural studies at all North Dakota four year universities to protect the integrity of North Dakota's agricultural heritage.---ID#: 2507/22

We encourage colleges and universities to provide retail meat cutting courses.---ID #2452/24

We support funding for Precision Agriculture and related programs at colleges and universities.---ID#: 2639/24

605.00 School Lunches (State Lunch Programs)

We oppose the use of meat and/or dairy substitutes within government-funded programs.---ID#: 2567/23

We recommend placing more local produce on school menus.---ID#: 2572/23

We support local determination of school lunch menus and portion sizes.---ID#: 1852/23

We oppose the promotion of any "meat free" day.---ID#: 2134/23

We support the inclusion of traditionally raised meat and dairy products in state run meal programs.---ID#: 2315/22

We support the free and reduced lunch programs and the North Dakota Farm to School program in North Dakota schools.---ID#: 2284/22

606.00 Veterinarian Education

We support the continuation and development of veterinary medicine programs at North Dakota universities.---ID#: 2598/23

We encourage the development of practical veterinarian educational opportunities for producers.---ID#: 2606/23

We support programs to provide more funding for veterinary school loans and financial aide programs to North Dakota students and tuition reimbursement upon returning to the state to practice in food animal and large animal clinics.---ID#: 2699/24

We support the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) for veterinary students.---ID#: 2526/22