Section 900 - Energy

901.00 Oil, Gas and Coal Production

We support baseline energy, such as coal, nuclear, and natural gas to mitigate power outages and improve reliability of the electrical grid.---ID#: 2542/23

We oppose the nonuse injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) for sequestration.---ID#: 2550/23

We support North Dakota oil production and instate refineries.---ID#: 2546/23 We support North Dakota regulating its own energy industry.---ID#: 2280/22 

We believe the state and federal government should have safeguards in place to protect electric power systems and our electronic networks in the event of a solar storm or an attack resulting in an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).---ID#: 2292/22

We support limiting energy and coal leases to ten years and then re-negotiating leases for more active energy development.---ID#: 2481/22

North Dakota agriculture is dependent on energy from all sources including coal. We will support these industries.---ID#: 2491/22

We support legislation for the capture, expansion and distribution of natural gas throughout the state of North Dakota.---ID#: 2433/24

We support the generation of electricity produced by coal fired plants.---ID#: 2469/24

We support new construction of pipelines in and out of state such as Keystone Pipeline and other construction projects that would help transport liquids and or gas in or out of the state.---ID#: 2672/24

We oppose any restriction on fossil fuel energy and use in the agricultural sector.---ID#: 2628/24

902.00 Reclamation

The State of North Dakota should develop reclamation plans for historic salted lands damaged by energy development prior to 1990.---ID#: 2380/23

Surface owners should see the productivity of their land restored after mineral development. Energy development sites should not be considered reclaimed and the bond should not be released until the productivity of the land is restored. Soil maps should be used to determine productivity before development.---ID#: 2104/22

903.00 Utilities

We believe anyone using removable markers, to mark underground lines, should be required to remove the markers one week after the work is completed.---ID#: 2402/23