General Agriculture

Agricultural Credit and Finance Policy

We support the Beginning Farm Loan Program at a minimum of $500,000 loan limit.

We encourage the development of more beginner and young farmer/rancher loan programs at low interest rates.

Agricultural Marketing

We support the continued education of the public on the benefits of agriculture technologies.

We shall work with other agricultural organizations and commodity groups to promote the American consumers' right to an informed purchasing choice and to promote the benefit of American grown produce.

Agricultural Research and Extension

We support funding for agricultural research in the university system.

We support funding for 4-H fees.

We support research and development of feeding livestock and animal feeding facilities that may lead to more feeding and marketing of livestock and livestock products in North Dakota and promote the use of our feed grains and by-products.

We support the State Board of Agricultural and Research Extension (SBARE) prioritizing the funding for the Agricultural Experiment Station and NDSU Extension. We encourage all groups affected by the Agricultural Experiment Station and NDSU Extension to participate in the SBARE process.

We encourage groups requesting state funding for agricultural research to apply through the State Board of Agricultural and Research Extension (SBARE) or the North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC).

We believe that any funding derived from the state designated for the Agriculture Experiment Station and/or to NDSU Extension, is to be determined by the State Board of Agricultural and Research Extension (SBARE).

We support a proactive stance in the research, development, commercialization and marketing for hemp production.

North Dakota should take a proactive stance in the research, development, commercialization and marketing of modern farming practices and technologies.

We oppose a nutrient management program that mandates farmers and ranchers participation. We support education for nutrient management practices. We also oppose outside interests such as industry suppliers having input on such a program. However, any programs should be based in sound science with input from farmers and ranchers.

We support the USDA-ARS Northern Crops Science Lab, USDA-ARS Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, NDSU Extension Service, NDSU Research Centers, Northern Crops Institute and USDA-ARS Human Nutrition Laboratory.

We support continued research on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in production agriculture and support legislation to allow farmers to fly UAVs for agricultural uses on their own farms. In research or application, the UAVs should not compromise business security, intellectual or private property rights of farmers and ranchers or other business owners.

Commodity Groups

We support all agricultural commodity groups in their efforts to promote agricultural commodities through research and market development.

All commodity checkoffs should be voluntary and refundable.

Crop Insurance

We support improving crop quality protections in crop insurance.

We support a private crop insurance option, independent of the federal government.

Grain Bonding and Bankruptcy

We support legislation that protects unsecured debtors in prepay agreements and contracts against financial loss.

We support law that directs bankruptcy courts to recognize legal scale tickets, warehouse receipts, and receipts for fertilizer, chemicals and other inputs held by farmers as legal documents indicating that they are the legal owners of such property held in a bankrupt elevator or warehouse.

Grain Regulation

We support state regulation and verification of accuracy of protein, falling numbers, Deoxynivalenol (DON), and other grain quality testers used in the commercial purchase of commodities.


We believe employers should hire only legal employees.

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