Route 1000 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Route 1000?

Route 1000 is a teen driving program designed to educate and reward life-long safe driving habits.

Why did NDFB develop a safe driving program for teens?

The Route 1000 program is a great community benefit. It perfectly illustrates our mission of taking care of our members. With this program, we are continuing our efforts to expand the services we provide to our members and improve the communities in which they live.

What are the requirements?

At the end of the Route 1000 class, teens will be asked to make three promises:

  • Drive safe
  • Don't drink and drive
  • Buckle up

After 1000 days, if there are no accidents or tickets, and your NDFB membership is maintained, the teen will be rewarded with a $500 check.

Who can participate?

To be eligible for the program, the teen must:

  • Be a licensed driver
  • Sign up for a class before his/her 18th birthday
  • Family currently has a North Dakota Farm Bureau membership.

What if we are not members of NDFB?

You or your family must be a NDFB member in order for the teen to take part in the program. If you are not currently a member, you may purchase a membership by contacting your nearest Farm Bureau office, a Nodak Insurance agent, or when you attend the Route 1000 class.

Who should attend the class?

All teens who have their driver's license and are under 18 years old are candidates to attend a Route 1000 safety class. The program is designed to address teens and their parents.

Does a parent have to attend the class with their teen?

Yes, at least one parent or guardian must attend the Route 1000 class with their teen.

 What should I bring to class?

  • Teen driver's license
  • Teen social security number
  • Parent(s) or guardian
  • A pen

I heard the North Dakota Highway Patrol endorsed the program. Is that true?

Yes! We are honored that the North Dakota Highway Patrol has endorsed the Route 1000 program. In addition, they have made the commitment to attend as many classes as possible and share their personal experiences as a North Dakota State Trooper.

How many classes will be held and how often will they be held?

The initial classes are scheduled in the larger metropolitan areas throughout the state. Additional classes will be scheduled based on demand.

What if a class is full?

Class size is limited to 25 teens per class. If a class is full, they may schedule an additional class later that evening. Please keep in mind that additional classes will be scheduled on a regular basis. Please let us know if you are interested in a class and what location you prefer by e-mailing Emily Evert.

Will there be classes closer to my home in the future?

If you are interested in a class in your area, please contact the nearest Farm Bureau county office or Nodak Insurance agent, or contact Emily Evert.

How does a teen successfully complete the Route 1000 program?

To successfully complete the program, the teen must be accident and violation free for 1000 days while maintaining a current North Dakota Farm Bureau membership.

What happens after 1000 days?

We will order consumer reports to verify if the teen has had any driving tickets or been in any accidents where it was determined the teen was at fault. We will also verify the family has maintained their NDFB membership during that period.

What if my teen already has a ticket or accident on his/her record?

Don't worry. He or she can still participate in Route 1000. The Route 1000 program starts on the day you attend class and runs for 1000 consecutive days. In determining successful completion, we will only look at that 1000-day period.

What if my teen gets a ticket or has an accident after he/she starts the program?

Once the teen gets a ticket or has an at-fault accident, he or she will no longer be eligible to receive the $500. However, we do allow the teen and parent to retake the Route 1000 class and start their 1000 days over again. Your teen would still need to meet the eligibility requirements of the class, which are to have a driver's license, be under 18 years of age, and the family must have an active NDFB membership.

Can my teen successfully complete Route 1000 more than once?

No. We will allow only one successful completion, per teen, of the Route 1000 program.

Who can I contact if I still have questions?

Emily Evert