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One person can make a difference

One idea from one county Farm Bureau volunteer can work its way through the entire process and become AFBF policy. A new blog post on My NDFB Life.

11/15/19 (Fri)

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NDFB is part of largest farm network in the nation

New podcast by NDFB President Daryl Lies explains the relationship between NDFB and the nation's largest farm organization, which just happens to be turning 100 years old. Today.

11/12/19 (Tue)

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Get your teen signed up

Route 1000 classes are happening now!

11/12/19 (Tue)

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Why do we do this?

"I sometimes catch myself thinking, "Why do we do this?" New post on the My NDFB Life blog by Joey Bailey.

11/08/19 (Fri)

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Collegiate students offer truth about food

NDSU and DSU Collegiate Farm Bureau chapters are bringing in a special speaker to share the truth about food.

11/07/19 (Thu)

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NDFB annual meeting features a night of hope

It has been a tough year for farmers and ranchers...

11/06/19 (Wed)

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New and improved benefit

NDFB's Office Depot-Office Max benefit is better than ever!

11/05/19 (Tue)

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Building trust in a scroll through world

NDFB Public Relations Director Lisa Hauf shares insights about trust in a new blog on My NDFB Life.

11/01/19 (Fri)

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Know the truth

Expanding animal agriculture in North Dakota would be a win for the entire state.

10/31/19 (Thu)

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National Drug Take Back Day

New post on the My NDFB Life blog provides info on tomorrow's national Drug Take Back Day

10/25/19 (Fri)

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Flooding and farm stress

NDFB President Daryl Lies has issued a new podcast regarding the fall flooding experienced by so many rural folks.

10/22/19 (Tue)

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Rural stress resources

The American Farm Bureau Federation website now includes a stress and mental health resources page.

10/16/19 (Wed)

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Young people working to make a difference

Collegiate Farm Bureau is an organization for young people to make a difference.

10/11/19 (Fri)

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Japanese trade deal signed

President Trump signed the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement, which is an important step forward with U.S. agriculture’s fourth-largest export market.

10/08/19 (Tue)

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