11/16/16 (Wed)

Golden Eagle counties

Three county Farm Bureaus received the Golden Eagle Award during the 74th NDFB Annual Meeting...

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    11/15/16 (Tue)

    NDFB elects leaders

    Three NDFB Board members were reelected and two new members were elected to the board during the NDFB Annual Meeting.

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      11/11/16 (Fri)

      NDFB President chronicles busy year

      In his first year as NDFB President, Daryl Lies has witnessed the challenges facing North Dakota agriculture on a variety of fronts, but says the power of NDFB’s beliefs have helped make the organization agriculture’s most powerful advocate in the state.

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        11/09/16 (Wed)

        AFBF issues election statement

        American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall issued the following statement regarding the 2016 election.

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          11/08/16 (Tue)

          Voting and veterans

          A special election day Dialogue with Daryl...

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            11/02/16 (Wed)

            Court should overturn EPA water rule

            American Farm Bureau Federation and dozens of other groups is calling on the federal court to vacate the EPA’s and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ “Waters of the United States” rule.

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              11/01/16 (Tue)

              $500 for good driving?

              The fall Route 1000 classes will be here before you know it. Teens can receive $500 for driving safely for 1,000 days.

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                10/26/16 (Wed)

                Dialogue with Daryl: Charting our course

                NDFB will be holding its annual meeting in a few weeks. What happens at that meeting helps chart the course for our organization in the coming year.

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                  10/24/16 (Mon)

                  Up close and personal, question 4

                  In our final installment of Up Close and Personal with the NDFB field staff, we ask the question...

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                    10/21/16 (Fri)

                    Where your pizza comes from

                    A video produced by NDFB’s Promotion and Education Committee, educating children about where pizza comes from, is now available to download.

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                      10/17/16 (Mon)

                      Sustainability = modern ag

                      Despite misleading claims to the contrary, food company "sustainability goals" can't be achieved without modern ag practices.

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                        10/17/16 (Mon)

                        Up close and personal, question 3

                        This week, we ask NDFB's field staff...

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                          10/11/16 (Tue)

                          Standing by law enforcement

                          Our state's leadership may be AWOL when it comes to the DAPL protest, but not our law enforcement.

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                            10/10/16 (Mon)

                            Up close and personal, question 2

                            In this week's installment of Up Close and Personal, NDFB's field reps respond to a "superpower" question...

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                              10/07/16 (Fri)

                              Cat will pay you back

                              Caterpillar wants to help you save on your fuel!

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