Tax Policy

Section 500 - Tax and Fiscal Policy

501.00 Farmstead Exemptions

We believe farm residences, farm buildings and farm structures should remain tax-exempt.---ID#: 2411/23

We support raising the limit of non-farm income for the purposes of property tax exemption.---ID#: 1815/23

We believe that facilities owned or used by farmers for the storage of agriculture products such as warehouses should be subject to the same agriculture exemption as on farm storage structures used for the same purpose.---ID#:2416/24

We support the agricultural property tax exemption on agricultural production structures within plotted lands in  unincorporated municipalities.---ID#: 2692/24

502.00 Fiscal Policy

We oppose state funding for the weather modification program.---ID#: 2357/23

We encourage all locally elected boards, especially county commissions, to have truly balanced budgets, and not base their proposed budgets on county evaluations.---ID#: 2578/23

We oppose the allocation of any additional state funds being given to groups/organizations for the purpose of  conservation projects, conservation easements and/or land acquisitions.---ID#:1886/23

We support responsible state budgeting, beginning with a zero base budget for state agencies.---ID#: 2124/23

We oppose using any tax payer dollars for the sequestering of carbon dioxide.---ID#: 2480/22

We oppose the use of taxpayer money to repurpose the BNSF railroad bridge as a recreational area and/or walking path.---ID#:2485/22

We oppose weather modification.---ID#:2459/24

We encourage elected officials to decrease spending.---ID#: 2696/24

503.00 Fuel Tax

We believe that fuel taxes should be dedicated to roads and bridges.---ID#: 2281/22

504.00 Oil and Natural Resource Revenue

We believe a portion of energy tax dollars collected should remain in impacted counties where they are generated to adequately offset losses of property taxes and expenditures caused by development and growth.---ID#: 2294/22

505.00 Property Taxation

We believe all federal or state land used for production, for livestock or crop production, should be taxed at the same rate as surrounding land.---ID#: 2408/23

We favor valuation of agricultural land, for tax purposes, be based on the current productivity formula.---ID#: 2393/23

We are in favor of property tax relief, and support property tax reform.---ID#: 1327/22

We believe the productivity formula should be the standard for the assessment of agriculture property. All applicable modifiers should be applied including land use when calculating ag land property tax.---ID#: 2196/24

We support the elimination of property tax so home owners can truly own their property, and that the state should use the school lands trust fund and the budget for what property tax is currently funding.---ID#: 2653/24

506.00 Sales Tax

We support the retention of agricultural sales tax exemptions.---ID#: 1027/22

507.00 Tax Policy

We encourage local government, especially county commissioners and school districts, to reflect all state tax relief and how it is to be allocated within the budgeting process.---ID#:2622/23

We support legislative action prohibiting the filing of any initiated measure mandating the automatic distribution of any state revenue funds, such as Oil Extraction Tax, without direct action by the North Dakota Legislature.---ID#: 2072/22

We believe all federal and state land shall be taxed at the same rate as surrounding land.---ID#: 2465/24