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Tax and Fiscal Policy

Economic Development

We favor long-term tax law changes, like reduction in corporate income tax, to encourage new businesses to move to North Dakota, rather than offering short-term incentives.

Farmstead Exemptions

We support raising the limit of non-farm income for the purposes of property tax exemption.

We believe farm residences and buildings should remain tax-exempt.

Fiscal Policy

We encourage state legislators to limit the growth of spending.

We support responsible state budgeting, beginning with a zero base budget for state agencies.

Fuel Tax

We believe fuel taxes should be dedicated to roads and bridges.

We support the concept of increased fuel taxes as the preferred alternative to an increased registration tax for the purpose of road maintenance.

Property Taxation

We believe a portion of energy tax dollars collected should remain in impacted counties where they are generated to adequately offset losses of property taxes and expenditures caused by development and growth.

NDFB is in favor of property tax relief, and supports property tax reform.

We favor valuation of agricultural land, for tax purposes, be based on the productivity formula.

We believe the productivity formula should be the standard for the assessment of agriculture property. All applicable modifiers should be applied including land use when calculating Ag land property tax.

NDFB shall pursue property tax reform, including the following elements: 1. Baseline budgeting with approval for budget increases approved by the voters on a biennial basis. 2. Establishment of a fund through which a property tax credit shall be paid to the political subdivisions of the state against a reduction in the taxable valuation of property. 3. Consolidation of tax levies.

Sales Tax

We support the retention of agricultural sales tax exemptions.

Tax Policy

We believe all mill levy increases must be approved by a vote of the affected taxpayers.

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