Credit Courses:  #1 Food, Land & People 2021 Summer Ag Institute (In-person or virtual) and #2 FLP National Ag in the Classroom Virtual Conference "Field of Dreams" 

#1  FLP 2021 Summer Ag Institute June 22nd and 23rd - Fargo, ND or Virtual - 1 CREDIT CLASS 

Join us for this years summer institute, either in-person or virtual via Zoom!  This will be a unique opportunity to learn from many professionals who will join us - from the National Center for Agricultural Literacy, the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization, NDSU Extension 4-H and the ND Department of Agriculture. 

We are excited to share a new opportunity with you, as you will receive $$ to shop for classroom resources to enhance lessons and save you time! We will also have a "rummage sale" of resources on site.  Here are some of the resources that you will have to choose from:  Ag Classroom Store and Educational Resources

#2  FLP 2021 "Field of Dreams" Virtual Conference June 29 - July 1 - 1 or 2 CREDIT CLASS

The next credit opportunity is to join us for a virtual National Ag in the Classroom Conference!  You can choose from many outstanding presentations to join via Zoom during the week of June 29- July 1st.  Educators will do a summary journal following their sessions and our final Zoom session will highlight participants "take-aways" from the sessions.  This course was VERY well received last summer so we are offering it again!  More details will be posted shortly, but if you are interested, please complete the registration form below.

For more info visit the NDSU Distance and Continuing Education Website at FLP 2021 Summer Ag Institute  *also look for the virtual option

TO REGISTER for the June 22nd-23rd in-person credit workshop:  Click Here

TO REGISTER for the June 22nd-23rd virtual credit workshop: Click Here

TO REGISTER for the June 29-July 1 National Ag in the Classroom virtual credit workshop: Click Here

 For more complete course descriptions and syllabus - click here


Register your School or Classroom for Breakout Activity

Join your students as you discover our world of mystery and intrigue! We will bring our breakout boxes to demonstrate how educators can use the escape room phenomena to engage students in their learning. Participants will be racing against the clock to “break out” as they and their teammates collaborate, communicate, and problem solve using their collective skills to propel them to success. We will offer resources and tips to help educators get started with using or designing breakout games for their learning community. Click here to indicate interest in having us come to your school.


In-Service Workshops for your School

Are you looking for a fun and engaging in-service for your educators? We will come to your school and provide a variety of options for credit classes, suitable for K-12. The classes are supported by grant dollars and are offered at no cost to your school. The only cost for the educators is a $50 credit recording fee payable to NDSU. These can be scheduled by administrators for the entire school staff or per request by teachers.  Click here to indicate interest in having us come to your school for an in-service course.


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