FLP Syllabi

The lessons include alignments to the standards for Next Generation Science, National Family and Consumer Science plus English and Language Arts. For a brief description of some of the lessons you have to choose from visit: http://www.foodlandpeople.org/resources/resources-for-learning/brief-descriptions/ or http://www.agclassroom.org/teacher/matrix/.

Please refer to the syllabii below for more detailed class information and requirements. Also, feel free to call or email Jill Vigesaa at 701-799-5488 or jill.vigesaa@gmail.com


FLP 2022 Harvest for the Future  Syllabus

FLP 2022 Summer Institute Syllabus 


Traditional Two-day 1-Credit Workshops:

FLP I - An introduction to across-the-curriculum lessons; includes a field trip experience and many resources. This course is also available as an online credit course. Syllabus

FLP II - Focuses on the Land and Water Conservation curriculum of FLP, with many hands on activities. Syllabus

FLP III - Focuses on Food/Nutrition & Consumer Science lessons from the FLP curriculum with Guest Speaker highlights. Syllabus

FLP VIII - Focuses on real-world application of STEAM. Syllabus

FLP Institute – Features a new theme every summer (Educators can receive a new credit each year). Syllabus 

Online 1-Credit Courses Offered:

FLP IV – “Chewsy Choices for a Healthy Life” Syllabus

FLP V – “Social Study in Nature” Syallbus

FLP VI – “Cultivating Literature with Food, Land & People” Syllabus

FLP VII – “AGcentuate with STEM!”  Syllabus

FLP VIII - "Growing Creatively with STEAM" Syllabus

FLP VIII - "Growing Creatively with STEAM Part II" Syllabus

FLP IX - "Journey 2050 - An Exploration into the Future" Syllabus

FLP X - "Game Changers in Agriculture" Syllabus

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