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Egregious acts of the EPA

Does the "E" in EPA stand for Egregious? NDFB President Daryl Lies explains more in this week's Dialogue with Daryl.

5/17/16 (Tue)

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NDFB scholarship winners announced

Eleven individuals from around the state have been awarded scholarships through the North Dakota Farm Bureau Foundation.

5/17/16 (Tue)

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Why do you artificially inseminate cows?

The newest post in the NDFB Promotion and Education Committee's Ask a Farmer video series is answered by cattle farmer Val Wagner.

5/16/16 (Mon)

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Ag study on utility vehicles

If you have been wondering how a utility vehicle could benefit your farm or ranch, wonder no more.

5/13/16 (Fri)

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Why increased valuations shouldn't increase your property taxes

NDFB President Daryl Lies explains why increased property values shouldn't always means increased property taxes.

5/10/16 (Tue)

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Room for everything

How do you make room for everything you need for you, your kids AND your business? Have you considered the Traverse?

5/06/16 (Fri)

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What kind of hormones do you feed your pigs?

It's a question that most farmers wouldn't expect to be asked, but AFBF Promotion and Education Chair Chris Hoffman says it's important to let people know why farmers do what they do.

5/04/16 (Wed)

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The myth of corporate farming

NDFB President Daryl Lies breaks down the corporate farming issue and share some insights into what it is, and what it isn't.

5/03/16 (Tue)

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Going green isn't just talk for U.S. agriculture

"Greenwashing" is a marketing tactic designed to make products appear more environmentally responsible. But farmers and ranchers are green. For real.

4/27/16 (Wed)

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Tackling property taxes

This week's Dialogue with Daryl shares a few things to think about regarding property taxes...

4/26/16 (Tue)

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Farm safety reminders

It's a little soggy out there right now, but as soon as the rain stops, farmers will be itching to get in the field. But we're encouraging everyone to NOT take shortcuts.

4/25/16 (Mon)

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Heger is named regional Farm Mom

Katie Heger of Underwood has been named the Northwest Region Farm Mom of the Year.

4/22/16 (Fri)

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Save on paper

Office Depot/Office Max is running a special on paper, and if you are an NDFB member, you can save...

4/21/16 (Thu)

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Daryl weighs in on Earth Day

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22, but NDFB President Daryl Lies shares why every day is Earth Day for farmers and ranchers.

4/19/16 (Tue)

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Verona photographer places in national contest

Verona photographer Katherine Plessner placed second in the American Farm Bureau Federation's photo contest in the technology division.

4/15/16 (Fri)

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