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NDFB's 2023 Priority Issues

Following our NDFB Delegate Session, our members prioritize some issues as having higher profile or special interests to the general membership. We continue to work on implementing all of our policies, but this grassroots prioritization process highlights issues of specific focus. This year the prioritized issues fall into a few general categories which have been common themes for NDFB policy for many years.


Our members emphasized more legislative oversight of the State Department of Transportation. Rural North Dakotans have been very frustrated with some decisions and programs implemented by NDoT, and we hope the legislature will more aggressively supervise the department to avoid future problems.

We urge more legislative oversight for the North Dakota Department of Transportation to limit their ill-advised projects. ---ID#: 2604/23

Higher Education

For many years NDFB members have supports several programs and incentives to help increase the number of large animal veterinarians practicing in our state. We have been instrumental in maintaining funding for these incentive programs, and our efforts will continue in this regard.

We encourage the State of North Dakota and/or the Board of Higher Education to provide greater incentives through various programs to provide more funding for veterinary school loans to North Dakota students and tuition reimbursement upon returning to the state to practice in food animal and large animal clinics.---ID#: 2201/21

Animal Agriculture

Two issues were selected for special emphasis relating to the expansion and protection of animal agriculture in our state. We will work to find ways to incentivize animal feeding expansion and keeping units of government accountable to state codes and regulations. In addition, where livestock are present, our members are keenly focused on the process of determining animal neglect, abuse or cruelty, and the veterinarians involved in this process.

*We believe local units of government choosing to adopt ordinances which are more restrictive than the state model ordinances for animal feeding operations should not be allowed to take advantage of the North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund (NDIRF). ---ID#: 2585/23

We believe two or more North Dakota licensed veterinarians specialized in large animal health from two different veterinarian clinics one of which shall be chosen by the owner of the livestock, should be consulted to determine animal neglect, abuse or cruelty prior to charges or seizure of livestock.---ID#: 2388/23

Private Property Rights

NDFB has always been a champion of private property rights and these efforts will continue. Special emphasis will be placed on landowners’ rights when dealing with easement procurement for both public and private projects. We will be particularly interested in manipulative or misleading practices used by parties seeking easements or using eminent domain authority. It is particularly frustrating that these practices are used long before any projects are formally approved. Are members are also interested in repealing the amalgamation authority and consent thresholds used in attaining rights of way in many projects.

*We support the development of a land owner's bill of rights regarding the process of easement procurement by entities wishing to purchase or lease land for roads, bridges, powerlines, pipelines and other projects that require an easement through privately owned property in North Dakota.---ID#: 2609/23

We believe that no government entity and/or any organization, may use any type of tax-payer and/or any other type of funding or asset to coerce, bribe, mislead, etc., a private property owner to enter into any kind of contract, lease, eminent domain, etc., that will inadvertently deprive a private property owner of their full rights and/or use or entitlements of their property especially unknowingly.---ID#: 2608/23

*We support the repeal of NDCC 38-22 referring to amalgamation authority over non-consenting landowners.--- ID#: 2619/23

No entity may purchase or attempt to purchase easements of private property until the agency approving the project has been formally notified of the project. Notice of proposed project should be published in all current methods of public information, such as official county newspapers.---ID#: 2518/22


Our members also oppose the nonuse sequestration of Carbon Dioxide and taxpayer dollars being used in these efforts.

*We oppose the nonuse injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) for sequestration.---ID#: 2550/23

We oppose using any tax payer dollars for the sequestering of carbon dioxide. ---ID#: 2480/22

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Through the policy development process, NDFB members take positions on a variety of issues. Our policy book, which is determined by voting delegates from each county Farm Bureau at the NDFB Annual Meeting, is broken down into nine issue areas:

General Agriculture

Animal Agriculture



Tax and Fiscal Policy


Natural and Environmental Resources

Property Rights


Download the entire NDFB Policy Book in pdf form here.